Gbanking options from Gilmore Bank let you save time, money and our natural resources! Our suite of Cash Management Services will help your business maximize cash flow, automate repetitive tasks, reduce expenses and achieve your financial goals.  Plus, our team of experts will personally assist you in finding the most efficient and cost effective approach to managing your banking relationship.  Ask us how Gbanking can help you reduce trips to the bank on behalf of you and your employees ...  and reduce your use of paper checks.

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ach origination

ACH Origination is the best tool for simplifying activities such as paying bills, receiving payments, making purchases and writing checks. Automated Clearing House (ACH) networks process most common types of electronic payments including direct deposit, pre-authorized payments and corporate transfers. Gilmore Bank can help your business take advantage of ACH Origination.

automate payroll

Save your business time and money when you direct deposit your company’s payroll. Automating payroll benefits:

Your Business:

  • saves money by reducing the need for printed checks
  • reduces the risk of check fraud from lost or stolen checks
  • limits time spent waiting for checks to clear and re-issuing lost checks

Your Employees:

  • eliminates trips to the bank to deposit paychecks
  • allows faster access to funds
  • prevents lost or stolen checks

corporate transfers

  • move funds from non-local accounts to one main operating account
  • make payments to other companies for services provided

collection services

Give customers the convenient option of having their payments automatically debited from their account on the due date. This service can dramatically increase your available funds and reduce overhead.

Contact a Gilmore Bank office near you to find out how ACH Origination can improve your company’s payment and collection efficiencies!


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  • additional services

  • money orders
  • cashier's checks
  • traveler's checks
  • wire transfers
  • night depository
  • safe deposit boxes