In an era of enormous conglomerate banks  — owned and managed by corporations with no connection to the communities they serve — Gilmore Bank is a welcome and valuable resource for Southern California. Since 1955, we have maintained traditional standards and values, never once offering our customers anything less than friendly, person-to-person service.

To learn more about us, please continue reading about Gilmore Bank's stellar history in Southern California  ... and where we are today. And we invite you to contact us anytime at 323-549-2100 or toll-free at 877-549-2100.

our landmark past

Earl Bell Gilmore, whose family had owned the land surrounding the corner of Third and Fairfax in Los Angeles since 1880, founded Gilmore Bank. He was a legendary entrepreneur who, with his father, Arthur Fremont Gilmore, had already built: the largest petroleum company in the western United States; Gilmore Field baseball stadium; and Gilmore Stadium, where midget cars raced. E. B. had even turned the site of the family dairy farm into one of the world’s most beloved destinations, LA’s Farmers Market.

With six board members and a staff recruited from the best financial talent of the day, E. B. created Gilmore Bank, drawing on his own extraordinary experience. His success in the oil business provided valuable experience in, and knowledge of, large commercial ventures. The mom-and-pop stores that made up the Farmers Market afforded a rich understanding of small business needs. But even more importantly, E.B. understood that those who pumped Gilmore gas into their cars … came to watch the Hollywood Stars play baseball … and turned the Farmers Market into the world’s most famous grocery store -- would likewise become the heart and soul of Gilmore Bank.

And so Gilmore Bank was built to be conservative, careful and conscientious — serving businesses large and small while nurturing and protecting the accounts of those whom E.B. Gilmore believed deserved nothing but the finest service available. Gilmore Bank became the place where local residents got their first auto loan … and where businesses sought financial assistance.

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